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Kitchen Remodel Started

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    Robert Claus

For anyone interested in what I've been up to since leaving my last tech startup a while back - I've been working on a full DIY kitchen remodel! In the last 4 weeks I've done everything from tearing out a wall to running dozens of new electrical cables. Every day has involved a ton of learning, practical problem solving, and physical work. It's been extremely rewarding and a ton of fun. Rough ETA for everything being done is end of October!

Here's an example of how engaging this work can be - how do you take out a wall safely having never done it before? First it involves hours of research to understand load bearing walls in general, how our house's beams and joists contribute to stability, and secondary functions walls may serve other than structural. Then you have to find and talk to an expert (a structural engineer willing to even talk to a DIY home owner) to validate that understanding with meaningful questions. Once you feel confident in what you're doing, you take the plunge and risk serious damage to your home based on your research. Most importantly, you have to adapt and make good decisions as you actually do the work since you'll always find another wrinkle that doesn't match up with your plan.

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